Pandya Store's Rishita aka Simran Budharup is known for her adorable and bubbly character from the show. The actress was paired with Akshay Kharodia and their chemistry was much adored by viewers. In reality, the actress had been in a long relationship with Aashutosh Semwal, however, now the actress has confirmed the breakup with her longtime boyfriend.

In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, Simran got candid about her relationship and the reason behind her breakup. She shared, "It has been five years since our relationship and I broke up a month and a half back. We started living together in the past year and I am someone who believes in clarity. We did have issues and it was getting difficult for us to fight over the same issues again and again."

When asked whether they have left on a rough note, she clarified, "I wish the best for him. I was trying to muster up courage from the past year to take the decision and we ended it all with a conversation. There are no harsh notes between us. I want him to do well in his life and move ahead to a bright future."

Simran further shared how she has been coping with the heartbreak for a month. She shared, "I went on trips with my friends. First, we went to Sri Lanka, then a short trip to Jaipur. It is quite difficult to cope quickly, sometimes the anxiety kicks in. It was a long relationship but I am healing fine."

After wrapping up with her stint in Pandya Store, Simran shared that she misses the set. She said, "I miss going to the sets every day and all my co-stars. We had a long journey of 2 and a half years with the show. One has to end one journey to start another, so I shall soon be back with something new and exciting. I am waiting to pick up an intriguing and exciting project soon."

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