‘PTI Fact Check’, the fact-checking arm of Press Trust of India, India’s most trusted news agency, has joined WhatsApp channels. This new offering from Meta allows users to follow news organizations, celebrities and others on WhatsApp. The ‘one-way broadcast tool’ was launched by the Meta-owned instant messaging platform last week in India and more than 150 countries. PTI Fact Check’s WhatsApp channel provides access to over 400 fact-checked stories, tips for identifying and verifying misinformation and disinformation on social media, and opportunities to participate in the organization’s fact-checking efforts. Does.

This step is important in view of the assembly elections in five states this year and the Lok Sabha elections next year. The flow of fake and misleading information on social media platforms is expected to increase rapidly during this period. WhatsApp channels allow users to easily get stories on viral claims that have been fact checked by PTI. WhatsApp channels provide personal updates from various organizations, services, and celebrities that people can follow. This happens through a new tab called Updates, which is separate from chats with family, friends and communities.

Channels are automatically filtered based on users’ country of origin and can also be searched by name and category within the platform. Sandhya Devanathan, head of Meta India, said in a LinkedIn post announcing the launch of the WhatsApp Channel. “I am thrilled with this launch – we are launching a WhatsApp Channel in India that provides a simple, easy way to receive updates that matter to you. Reliable and private way. We’re welcoming some of the biggest Indian and global celebrities, sports teams, artists and creators that you can follow directly on WhatsApp (Indian cricket team, Diljit Dosanjh, Katrina Kaif, to name a few),” he said. That said, our goal with WhatsApp Channels is to provide the most personal broadcasting service where people can choose to follow accounts based on their interests and hobbies.

How to follow PTI Fact Check on WhatsApp channel: Users can open the URL < and follow PTI Fact Check WhatsApp channel or WhatsApp number to receive QR code to subscribe. You can contact through +91-8130503759. They can share any claims or social media posts that they feel need fact checking and verification.

Contact to : xlf550402@gmail.com

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