These days, if anyone’s name is being discussed the most in the entire country, then it is the name of Jaisalmer’s IAS officer Tina Dabi. Tina Dabi has performed her work brilliantly and apart from her position, she remains in the news for her personal life as she has done two marriages in her life. A few months after her first marriage with Aamir, she parted ways, after which Pradeep entered her life, who is 13 years older than her. Let us tell you how a little guest has now arrived in the house of this couple who will marry each other in 2022.

Tina Dabi gave birth to a son with love

The IAS officer of Jaisalmer had announced in front of everyone in July itself that she was going to become a mother. Everyone was very happy with his work because everyone was looking very sad at the breakdown of his first marriage. But when Tina Dabi achieved the happiness of becoming a mother just one year after marrying Pradeep, everyone started congratulating her. Tina Dabi is also getting compliments on social media and on this occasion her sister Riya Dabi is brimming with happiness. Because she too is feeling the happiness of becoming a mother by holding her nephew in her lap. Let us tell you how Tina Dabi has shown her son’s face in a very beautiful way which people are liking very much.

Tina Dabi showed the face of her lovely son

IAS Tina Dabi shows glimpse of her son for the first time after becoming a mother, has given him this beautiful name

Jaisalmer’s IAS officer Tina Dabi finally showed the glimpse of her beloved in front of everyone, which every one of her fans was waiting for. Recently a picture is going viral on social media in which Tina Dabi has shared a picture in which the wrist of a small child is visible. Although no information has been received as to whose picture it is, everyone is thinking about Tina Dabi that she has shared the picture of her beloved. Everyone on social media is giving different reactions after seeing this picture and on this occasion everyone is saying that Tina Dabi had to wait for a long time for this happiness, due to which she is overjoyed. It is not fitting

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