New features are constantly being added to vehicles in the country. Which is also liked by customers. Customers are very fond of vehicles that come with such features. In this news we will tell you what are the disadvantages of vehicles that come with features like sunroof. Giving information about this, Dr.

security risk

There is a greater risk to your safety when traveling in vehicles with a sunroof. Vehicles with sunroof are not very safe not only while traveling but also when parked. While traveling in a car that comes with this feature, people get out of it, which is not at all safe. Cars parked there are also at risk of glass breakage.

Feels very hot

Vehicles with sunroofs use more heat than other vehicles. The direct reason for this is the sunroof. Because it is made of glass, the car heats up quickly due to strong sunlight. It has to be run quickly to make it normal. Apart from this, there is more noise from outside in such cars.

Excessive oil consumption

Vehicles that come with features like sunroof consume more oil than normal cars. Because such cars have direct sunlight, the AC has to run faster. Running AC at high speed also increases fuel consumption.

Maintenance is also required

A car that comes with a sunroof requires more maintenance than a normal car. In such cars, more cleaning is required on the roof. If this is not done, mud accumulates in many places and the sunroof becomes difficult to operate properly. Sunroofs often get jammed due to mud build-up and are both time consuming and costly to repair.

Cars are expensive

A car that has more features. Their price is also high. Companies don’t offer many features like a sunroof in the base variant of any car. But such features are provided in the top variant of the same car. Which makes buying a car with a sunroof expensive.

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