On one hand, relations between India and Canada are sour. On the other hand, the Indian stock market has fallen by more than 500 points for the second consecutive day. Due to this, investors have suffered a loss of crores of rupees. The market has fallen by more than 1300 points in two days.

By the close of trading today, the Sensex fell 570 points and closed at 66,230. However, on Wednesday the Sensex saw a fall of 796 points. The result was that there was a huge difference of 1366 points in Sensex in two days. Whereas Nifty fell by 159 points and closed at the level of 19,742 points. Also, Nifty fell by 231 points on Wednesday. In this way, Nifty has lost 390 points in two days.

SBI shares fell more than 2 percent

Out of 30 Sensex stocks, only 6 stocks closed with gains and 24 stocks closed with decline. Shares of M&M fell the most by 3.08 percent. There was a decline of 2.81 percent in ICICI Bank and 2.12 percent in SBI. Shares of IndusInd Bank closed with a fall of 2.02 percent and shares of Kotak Mahindra Bank closed with a fall of 1.89 percent.

Investors lost so much wealth!

Investors have suffered huge losses due to the two-day decline in the stock market. If we look at the market capitalization of companies listed on BSE, two days ago BSE Mcap was Rs 323.01 lakh crore, which fell to Rs 320.51 lakh crore on Wednesday. After the decline recorded so far today, it has come down to Rs 319.41 crore. In this context, investors have suffered a loss of Rs 3.6 lakh crore in just two days.

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