There is a lot of fanfare about these two Ganpatis where Ganesh Utsav has brought a new festival for the people. Where Lord Ganesha has been installed at various places. Where people have kept them in their homes with great pomp.

Where let us tell you that after the marriage of India’s famous cricketer Virat Kohli and heroine Anushka Sharma, this picture is once again in the headlines on social media.

While Anushka Sharma’s simplicity is visible, she is seen in traditional attire i.e. saree, whereas Virat Kohli is sitting in kurta and pajama. Let us tell you that he has installed the idol of Lord Ganesha in his house.

Although these two Ganpat festivals are very much in vogue, where almost all the Gods and Goddesses have become a part of the tradition of placing them in their homes, at the same time let us tell you that all the heroes and heroines are also keeping the idol of Lord Ganesha in their homes.

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