Ishaan Dhawan has garnered a lot of love with his character Dhruv in Dhruv Tara: Samay Sadi Se Pare. The actor had exclusively shared about his spiritual journey. He opened up about running to Siddhivinayak Temple which is around 20 kms away from his residence. The interesting part to know about Ishaan is that he suffers from asthama but still manages to run to the temple.

Ishaan said, "Recently, I visited Siddhivinayak thrice. It's not about going to the temple running. I suffer from asthama and sometimes I do feel wheezing especially during the weather when we get cold and all. But I believe it is magical for me, despite the asthama I easily run to the temple. You wouldn't believe it, but the distance from my place to Siddhivinayak is around 20 kms. I didn't even get tired but there are many such days when I walk barely a km I get tired."

He further opened up about how the City of Dreams, Mumbai got him inclined to spirituality. He said, "Bombay got me inclined to work spiritually. It did teach me the value of relationships, and the bond with my parents. We often forget in this journey that even our parents are getting old so there is this sense of responsibility towards them. Each show that I did gave me a new experience and understanding in this journey be it Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana, Gudd Se Meetha Ishq or Dhruv Tara. I feel now I want to work on myself and not bother about what others are doing. I want to compete with myself and I have gotten this calmness with work. Earlier I used to get influenced by everything but now I understand what matters."

When asked about his stunts in Dhruv Tara, Ishaan said, "I remember there was a stunt where I had to hang upside down. Within a few minutes all the blood got caught in my head and I felt like throwing up. I was left numb. Later, a body double was asked to do the stunt and he was hanging for hours. I realised that day that it isn't easy to do stunts but I am making sure that I learn everything and do things on my own on the show."

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