The festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi brings with it not just religious fervour but also reunions and cherished memories. For the stars of the popular TV show "Shararat," this festival has been a time-honoured tradition of coming together. Simple Kaul and Shruti Seth, two prominent faces from the show, recently visited the residence of their co-star, the veteran actress Farida Jalal, to celebrate the occasion, a ritual they've maintained since their "Shararat" days.

Taking to Instagram, Simple Kaul shared a heartwarming post about their annual reunion. She wrote, "Each year we come to celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi in your house @shru2kill and each year you invite us for such an amazing lunch. Been like some 20 years. I remember since Shararat days we used to wait for the Ganpati lunch at your place. So much joy to always meet Faridaji here. Love Love Love is what we feel here
. Something’s never changed and should never

like this Ganpati lunch

. We always miss you @additemalik @harshvasishth @karanvirbohra (manojiiii). Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all #happyganeshchaturthi.”

The post beautifully encapsulates the bond the cast members share, a bond that has remained unbroken for over two decades. Simple fondly recalls the joy of meeting Farida Jalal every year and the love they feel in her presence. She also reminisces about the other cast members who couldn't join the reunion, indicating the close-knit relationship they all share.

Fans of the show were overwhelmed with nostalgia upon seeing the post. "Shararat" holds a special place in the hearts of many who grew up watching it. One fan commented, "Favorite forever my childhood memories," reflecting the sentiment of many. Another fan, admiring the enduring bond between the cast members, remarked, "damn!! It’s amazing you guys still have such a strong bond after all those years!"

Indeed, the post is a testament to the lasting relationships formed during the show and the cherished memories associated with it.

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