Corona has changed people’s lives. Now many companies are giving their employees the option to work from home. In such a situation, it has become necessary to have WiFi in homes, which hackers take advantage of. Accessing your WiFi to hackers means a lot of tension. It is possible that hackers may do something that will add to your troubles. It is possible that legal action may also be taken against you. Hackers can misuse your IP address. In such a situation, companies also say that the WiFi password should be changed from time to time.

How to stay safe?

– First of all you should change your Wi-Fi and admin password. Set a new password whenever you install a new router. The old password may not be secure. Always set strong passwords and avoid simple passwords, as these can be hacked.

– Also change the Wi-Fi name. Change the default name of the router, as the default name is very common and can be known by hackers.

– Do not disable remote access to your Wi-Fi, as it may attack the Internet.

– Update the system regularly. You can get better security with the new update.

– Turn off the router when you are not using Wi-Fi. With this, hackers will not get a chance to attack your Wi-Fi.

How to change password?

– First of all, open a web browser on your device.

– Now type your IP address.

– Go ahead and enter your username and password.

– Under Wireless Settings, enter your new password in the Password field. This way you can update your password.

How to change router name?

– First you need to go to your router settings.

– Go there and click on Wireless Settings.

– Now you have to go and click on Network Name (SSID).

– After this, you can rename your router.

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