Aadhaar card has been made a very important document by the government in today’s time. If you are traveling and you need a hotel room to stay and you do not have your Aadhaar then you will not get the room. Aadhar card has become so important that no child even gets admission in school. Without Aadhaar, the work of banking also remains incomplete. Without Aadhaar, all the work gets stuck due to which people have to face problems.

In modern times, if you do not have Aadhar card, then understand that all your bank work will be stuck. Aadhaar is also required to apply for a government job. But, there will be no need to rush anywhere to get Aadhaar card made. To get Aadhaar card made, you just have to go to the public convenience center.

How to make child Aadhar card?

If a son or daughter is born in your house, then you should get the Aadhar card made in time, so that your child never faces any problem. To get your child’s Aadhaar card made, it is mandatory for you to have a birth certificate or school certificate. Along with this, valid identity cards, such as PAN card, passport and Aadhar card, driving license are required. For this you also need documents like electricity, water or phone bill as address proof.

do this work immediately

To get your child’s Aadhaar card made, you will first have to go to the Public Facilitation Center. Along with this, you will have to visit the official website of UIDAI to search for the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre. Along with this, you will have to go to the center and fill the registration form. Details like name, date of birth, address etc. of the child will have to be filled in the form. After completion of the registration process, the Aadhaar card will usually be ready after three months i.e. 30 days of enrollment.

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