Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak has said that there is no need to panic about dengue. There are adequate medicines and free treatment arrangements in the hospitals of the state. There are arrangements to deal with dengue at all CHCs and PHCs. Get tested immediately as soon as high fever or other symptoms appear.

UP Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak said in a statement on Tuesday that there is no shortage of platelets, blood and beds in the hospitals of the state. All hospitals have been instructed to admit dengue patients if needed. Due to changing weather, people are also suffering from viral fever. If symptoms appear then definitely get tested for dengue. Don’t pay any attention to rumours.

The Deputy Chief Minister appealed to the people to make efforts at their own level to stop the spread of dengue. Do not allow water to accumulate anywhere. Dengue mosquitoes breed in this water.

He said that the Health Department and the Urban Development Department are continuously working together. Along with cleanliness, antimalarial spray, fogging, awareness campaigns on dengue prevention etc. are being run. Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak said that not every fever is dengue fever. Lack of platelets in the blood does not confirm dengue fever, platelets also decrease in viral fever. In case of fever, get treatment in a nearby government hospital.

He said that take fluids as per the advice of doctors. Gradually platelets increase. Relax by using mosquito nets. Take special care of pregnant women, small children and the elderly. Keep the cooler, water tank, old tires etc. clean. There is no need to worry about dengue. Providing quality treatment to the common people is the top priority of the state government.


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