Lifestyle News Desk, People of all ages like to eat Dosa. Be it children or adults, everyone eats it with great enthusiasm. However, to make it, it is necessary to soak the pulses and rice overnight. Unless they swell overnight, their flavor and texture do not change. But if you are in a hurry and demand baby dosa for breakfast then we can help you. Let us know how you can prepare market-like crisp dosa at home in 10 minutes.

How to make instant dosa at home

Crispy Masala Dosa

-Put one cup of semolina in the mixer grinder. – Now add 2 to 3 spoons of flour in it. – Now add one spoon gram flour in it. Mix one spoon salt and one spoon sugar. – Now grind it well. Now take it out in a bowl and add half a cup of curd to it. – Now add one cup of water in it. – Now keep it covered for 10 minutes. Now add half a teaspoon of baking soda in one or two teaspoons of water. Now mix well. Now place the pan on the gas and let it heat. Now sprinkle water and spread the dosa batter. Then you pour oil on it and let it cook until it turns golden brown. Now add potato masala to it and serve crispy dosa in a plate.

Rava Dosa

Take 1/2 cup rava, 1/4 cup maida or flour, add 1/2 cup rice powder, 1/3 cup curd and mix well. Now slowly add 1 cup water and the batter is ready. – Now add chopped coriander, curry leaves, a little cumin, chopped onion, chopped ginger and mix. Add 3 cups of water for one cup. After 4 to 5 minutes, keep it on the pan and make dosa. Crispy Rava Dosa can be made easily.

empty dosa

It is very easy to make its solution. To make this, take a cup of semolina in a mixer grinder and add one spoon of sugar and one spoon of salt in it. Now grind it well so that it becomes very fine. Now put it in a bowl and add one cup curd to it and mix well. Now add half cup of water while mixing slowly and mix. – Now keep it covered for 15 minutes. – Now take some water in a bowl and add one sachet of Eno in it. Now mix it in dosa batter.

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