During O’Brien’s speech, Dhankhar pointed out that the MP was speaking off-topic, as the day’s proceedings were restricted to discussions on “Parliamentary journey of 75 years, starting from Samvidhan Sabha — Achievements, Experiences, Memories and Learnings”.“Give me back my Parliament where bills are passed keeping in mind the federal structure and the council of states. We may be going to the new building, but give me back my Parliament… let’s go to the new Parliament, but keep the Central Hall alive,’’said O’Brien.He took on the ruling BJP on a number of issues. “Give me back my Bharat. Give me back my India where a state is not consumed with violence for five months… Sorry Manipur, we still haven’t managed to send the PM to you,’’he said.CPI(M) MP from Kannur John Brittas spoke of attacks on the minority community in his speech. “Democracy is not the law of the majority, but the protection of minorities… What is the representation of the 22 crore Muslims in the executive and Parliament? They (the BJP) talk more about the Mughals than they do about Indians,’’ he said.MDMK’s Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko raised concern on the use of the name Bharat as opposed to India. He said it showed that the ruling party was “rattled” by the Opposition parties coming together and that it was the government’s attempt to steer the country toward a “Hindu rashtra”.

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