Every year, Indians wait for the biggest festival to come to celebrate - Ganesh Chaturthi. And it has arrived. Television stars have also been one of us and have been waiting the whole year for it to come, and now that it has finally arrived they have embraced the festival with the same vigor and enthusiasm they had when they were waiting for it.

From Vishal Singh to Rahul Vaidya, all the television stars have brought Ganapati Bappa into their humble abodes on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Vishal Singh welcomed Ganpati Bappa with Nashik Dhol and dances and said that he and his family had been waiting for it the whole year and now that it has arrived, they are finally ready to celebrate it with sweets, pujas and dances, and are welcoming Bappa into their very well decorated house.

Dad-to-be Rahul Vaidya also welcomes Bappa into his home as he was seen selecting Bappa for his home and continuously singing praises of Lord Ganesha.

Chahatt Khanna and Rohan Gandotra are welcoming the red murti of Ganpati Bappa this time to their home with a white decor for their house. They had a white idol of Ganpati Bappa last year, and are going for the red idol of Ganpati Bappa this year. They even invited everyone to come to their house to be a part of their puja.

Chahatt Khanna also mentions that she didn't predominantly like the festival before but as she started celebrating the festival last year she has started loving the feeling of celebrating the festival when everyone whom she hasn't met for many years comes home to meet her. She says that Ganesh Chaturthi is now a bigger festival for her than Diwali.

Helly Daruwala mentioned that she had come back specifically for Ganesh Chaturthi for 4-5 days since she was very excited about this festival. She also mentions that she always goes for eco-friendly Ganapati Bappa, as she cares for nature.

Kamya Panjabi welcomes Ganapati Bappa with a huge dhol and festivities. She seems very excited about the festival and is already in a celebratory mood for the festival.

Mridula Oberoi and Kajal Pisal were also spotted in the city bringing the idol home for Ganesh Chaturthi as they get ready for the festival.

Aparna Dixit, along with her family members, also got her idol home. She was spotted along with her family doing puja before taking the idol home. She says that she has gotten everything ready at home to welcome Ganapati Bappa home for the festivities and pujas.

It is fair to say that everyone has already started celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with great vigour and excitement. Ganapati Bappa Morya!

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