Naan Mudhalvan Scheme: In the year 2023, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin started the Naan Mudhalvan scheme. How is Naan Mudhalvan Yojana useful for the youth? How is application done in this scheme? Let us know.

Naan Mudhalvan Scheme: The central government brings different types of schemes for its country. So the state governments also bring different types of schemes keeping in mind the interests of the citizens of the state. Every state government is responsible for the citizens of its state. Governments have to make decisions keeping in view their needs.

The Tamil Nadu government has also taken a big decision given the increasing unemployment among the youth of its state. In the year 2023, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin started the Naan Mudhalvan scheme. Which benefited lakhs of the youth of the state. Let's know how Naan Mudhalvan Yojana is useful for the youth. How to apply in this scheme. Let us tell you all the information.

What is Nan Mudhalvan Yojana?

Nan Mudhalvan Yojana run by the Tamil Nadu government is a skill development scheme. Its goal is to provide high-level training to the youth and provide employment by making them employable. Under this scheme, youth are given training for their skill development. In which both technical and non-technical skills are developed.

Under the scheme, training is given in the fields of technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and industry. The main objective of the scheme is to prepare the youth as per the demand of the market. That is, they have to be equipped with skills according to the new technology coming into the market and the demand of the market.

What are the benefits?

The objective of the scheme is to benefit 10 lakh children of Tamil Nadu. In this scheme, students will be given training to speak English. So that they can present their point well when they give a job interview. Along with this, coding and robotics will also be taught in the scheme. If a youth wishes to go abroad and work, he will also be taught about foreign languages. Along with this, personality development will also be given attention. Let us tell you that companies like Microsoft and Infosys are also involved in partnerships under this scheme.

How to apply for the scheme?

To apply for the Naan Mudhalvan scheme run by the Tamil Nadu government, you have to visit the official website of the scheme After this, you have to create your account there. After creating an account, you have to log in where you will see the online form to apply in the scheme. For application, along with all the information, some documents will also have to be uploaded, which include an Aadhar card, residence certificate, ration card and copy of graduation or post-graduation degree.

Who can apply?

To apply in the Naan Mudhalvan scheme, the applicant must be a permanent resident of Tamil Nadu. The age of the applicant should be between 20 to 30 years. It is also necessary to have a graduation or post-graduation degree in any stream from a recognized university or institute. In which it is necessary to get at least 60% marks.

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