The late Sridevi , a captivating force in Indian cinema, left an indelible mark on audiences for over five decades. Beyond her illustrious career, Sridevi was also a dedicated mother to her daughters, Janhvi and Khushi.

However, her personal life had its complexities, particularly her marriage to Boney Kapoor , which stirred controversy due to his previous marital status. This piece delves into the varied life of Sridevi—an accomplished actress and dedicated mother—who faced both successes and challenges.

After her private wedding to Boney Kapoor, Sridevi had Janhvi and later welcomed Khushi. But did you know she also has another daughter ?

During the promotion of her final movie "Mom," in which Sridevi portrayed a vengeful mother, she shared that she bonded closely with her onscreen daughter, Sajal Ali , and her two daughters during the film's shoot. Sridevi also disclosed that the sudden passing of Sajal's mother deeply affected her, preventing her from watching her daughter's film. This experience led the actress to consider Sajal as her own daughter.

She mentioned, "Sajal is like my third child. Now, I feel I have one more daughter." In an interview with the Hindustan Times following Sridevi's passing, Sajal Ali revealed Sridevi's final message to her. She shared, She was like my mother. I am in a state of shock right now. It feels like losing my mother again." Sajal further shared that after she couldn't attend the Masala! Awards in Dubai, Sridevi texted her, saying, 'I missed you, beta'

She further added, "That's the last message I have from her. After that, we spoke quite a few times in the last two months. But sadly, when she called me a few days back, I missed her call because I was shooting and I was thinking of calling her back, but I guess I took too much time to do that."

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