GTA 5 has seen numerous modifications over the years, with one of the latest introducing Homelander from The Boys series. For those unfamiliar, The Boys is an Amazon Prime series known for its satirical take on superheroes. Homelander, the main character, possesses Superhuman-like abilities, which are incorporated into GTA 5 through this mod, including the character model.

Social Media Buzz

A Twitter account, @TheBoysOOCCrecently shared a clip showcasing the mod. Referring to the clip, user @The_realdonniecommented“The mods in GTA 6 are going to be stupid out of this world.” Despite the excitement, there has been no official announcement of a PC version for GTA 6. Currently, the game is set to release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in the fall of 2025. However, a PC port is anticipated in the future, as seen with previous Grand Theft Auto titles.

The mod has generated significant interest. User @_thshn suggested that a dedicated game for The Boys should be developed soon. The clip shared on Twitter originates from a YouTube video uploaded in 2021 by the channel TK REBIRTH. The video title mentions the use of Natural Vision Evolved, a popular graphical enhancement mod for GTA 5.

GTA Mod Features and Gameplay

Comments on the original YouTube video have been highly positive. One user highlighted the mod’s attention to detail, noting how cars melt from heat instead of exploding. Another praised how the character’s body language closely matches that of Homelander in the series.

The mod used in the video is Homeland V1 from THE BOYS W/ Cloth Physics, created by The Darth Knight. This mod, which became available in November 2020, allows players to experience The Boys’ infamous anti-hero in the world of GTA 5. The unique gameplay it introduces offers a fresh experience for players as they await the release of GTA 6.

Rockstar Games has released only one trailer for GTA 6, which is approaching 200 million views on YouTube. More trailers and possibly screenshots are expected to be released leading up to the game’s launch in fall 2025.

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