Prince Kumar Singh did not allow a lack of resources to stop him from achieving his goals; he passed many competitive tests without receiving any coaching. Despite his family’s financial struggles, Prince had high goals and put forth a lot of effort to get them. Prince Kumar Singh was raised in a lower middle class household and was born in Rohtas, Bihar. His mother is a housewife, while his father is a havildar in the Assam Rifles. Prince attended school in Bhabua, in the Kaimur district, and then NIT Jalandhar, where he graduated with a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering. Following his graduation in 2020, he was employed in Gujarat’s chemical sector. He quit his work in 2021 to devote all of his time to getting ready for the UPSC tests.

In his first year of taking several competitive examinations, Prince failed a lot, but he didn’t give up. With two years of unrelenting work, he achieved an All India Rank of 177 in the SSC CGL 2022, which allowed him to be hired in Delhi as an Assistant Audit Officer. Along with that, he passed the 67th BPSC test, earning a rank of 222 and the title of Block Development Officer. Despite having passed the CAPF AC written exam twice, he was left off the final list. He passed the Indian Forest Service test in 2023 and advanced to the UPSC Civil Services interview stage.

Prince’s first two efforts at clearing the preliminary exam were unsuccessful. Due to budgetary limitations, he was unable to pay for costly UPSC coaching. Despite being unable to participate in test series while preparing for the Mains, he maintained his motivation by using past years’ exams and the answer sheets of UPSC toppers. He didn’t start coaching until after the interview phase.

Prince put in a lot of training, but he was not successful in the shot put portion of the CAPF Commandant physical exam. Because he couldn’t afford the UPSC coaching in Delhi, he first believed that passing the test would be impossible for him and pondered about becoming a teacher.

Prince selected Sociology as his optional subject for the UPSC Civil Services test, however, considering his educational background, he picked Chemistry and Forestry for the Indian Forest Service since they were simpler.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Prince said in an interview that he was inspired to enter the public service by the commitment of the collectors in Kota and Patna. He became aware of the influence and strength of the DM role as a result of this encounter.

Prince is in training to become a Block Development Officer right now. He is scheduled to attend IFS training at LBSNAA in Mussoorie when he gets his offer letter from UPSC.

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