Are you also facing pregnancy related problems? If you are unable to conceive despite many attempts, then your problem has been solved. Scientists claim that a pill has been prepared which will greatly increase the chances of pregnancy. This medicine will be useful only for those couples who are planning to conceive through IVF treatment. The name of this medicine is OXO-001, whose initial testing is going on.
The company that manufactures this medicine claims that the positive results of this tablet are pretty much guaranteed.
According to scientists, this drug improves the process of embryo implantation during fertility treatment and acts directly on the uterine lining.
Let us tell you that the trial of this medicine was done on 96 women aged 40 years or less from September 2021 to January 2023. All these women were undergoing IVF fertility treatment at 28 different centers in Europe.
According to the information, all these women were given placebo or OXO-001 medicine twice. This medicine was given during the menstrual cycle before embryo implantation and then after five weeks.
When researchers checked in about 10 weeks after embryo implantation, women taking the placebo had a current pregnancy rate of 35.7 percent, while women taking OXO-001 had a current pregnancy rate of 46.3 percent.

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