When the DM sahab arrived to inspect a school in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh, he saw that the teacher was playing Candy Crush game on his mobile, leaving his work aside. Seeing the teacher playing the game, when the DM sahab checked his phone history, the figures were shocking. According to the figures, the teacher was found to spend most of his time on the phone during his 6-hour duty. The teacher spends two and a half hours on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Apart from this, he plays games in the rest of the time. When he gets time apart from all this, he also teaches the children.

When DM sahab checked digitally, it was revealed what Guruji does after coming to school and for how long. After looking at the work report of Guruji and other teachers of the school, DM sahab has given him a lot of time to play games and suspended Guruji for these habits of his.

Lots of mistakes in the copy

The name of the teacher who played the game is Prem Goyal. He teaches children in the upper primary school of Sharifpur village. During the checking by the DM, he was found using mobile for three hours during his six-hour duty, in which he played Candy Crush game for 1.17 hours. On the orders of District Magistrate Rajendra Pansia, the Basic Education Officer has suspended the teacher for the time being.

When DM sahab inspected the work of the school and other teachers, he found a lot of mistakes in the copies checked by him. During the inspection, he checked the homework given to the children. In this, one teacher's copy had nine mistakes on one page, another teacher's copy had 23 mistakes, and the third teacher's copy had 11 mistakes.

Seeing the condition of this school in Sambhal, DM sahab said that the condition of the school is very bad. He said that it should be improved with immediate effect. Expressing displeasure, he said that if there is no improvement then action will be taken. DM said that when school children are the first pillar, if today the school teachers make mistakes then how will the schools of the country improve?

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