Known locally as Alappuzha, Alleppey is a beautiful place in the Kerala state of South-West India. Alleppey is a tourist attraction with peaceful backwaters, intricate canals and serene waters where houseboats drift gently away. While there are many attractions and things to see in and around the city itself, here are some interesting weekend getaways that will complete your Kerala experience.

1. Kumarakom

Another charming spot famous for its backwater and bird sanctuary which is just thirty-two kilometers from Alleppey. It’s a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure over the weekend in Kumarakom; you can either hire a houseboat to sail down Vembanad Lake Kerala’s largest water reservoir or pay a visit to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary which is populated by migratory birds. Lush greenery and calm ambiance make this place ideal for nature enthusiasts seeking peace of mind.

2. Marari Beach

If what you want is sunshine, sand and sea, then Marari Beach, located about eleven kilometers from Alleppey has all it takes for an ideal getaway. This beach stands untouched by any commercial activities thus providing visitors with opportunities to relax amidst natural beauty. You may choose to bask on the soft sands throughout the day, take a leisurely stroll along the shorelines or participate in some beach games like volleyball and parasailing at your own pleasure. Marari Beach also boasts of seafood delicacies made from local ingredients that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

3. Kollam

For those who are keen on history or culture Kollam situated at about sixty-nine kilometers from Alappuzha is worth exploring. Quilon as Kollam was formerly known is an ancient port town with historical roots dating back to centuries ago. Thangassery Light House and Tangasseri Fort are some of the historical sites you can visit to have a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. A boat ride across Ashtamudi Lake with its scenic backwaters and Chinese fishing nets is one of the must-have experiences in Kollam.

4. Kochi

53 kilometers away from Alappuzha in the north lies Kochi, a bustling port city that blends history, culture and modernity seamlessly. There are many attractions in Cochin, also known as Kochi, such as iconic Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi, historical Mattancherry Palace and lively spice markets in Jew Town. Walking through the streets of Fort Kochi with its colonial buildings and art galleries gives a peep into Kerala’s mixed cultural heritage. Similarly, beyond being a seafood lover’s paradise for delectable dishes combining Portuguese, Dutch and Kerala kitchens.

5. Thekkady

For those who love wildlife viewing and nature excursions to lush green landscapes, Thekkady is an ideal weekend destination located about 140 kilometers from Alleppey. Thekkady is home to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary where visitors can enjoy wildlife safaris with elephants, tigers or various types of birds among other species found in their natural habitats. Cruising on Periyar Lake that is surrounded by dense forests and hills around it offers an enthralling experience to tourists who want to relish the pristine beauty of Kerala wildernesses while boating

6. Munnar

Located in Western Ghats at a distance of approximately one hundred seventy-two kilometers from Alleppey, Munnar is a nature lover’s and adventure enthusiast’s paradise. With its large tea plantations, misty mountains and beautiful valleys, Munnar provides breathtaking views at every turn. Guests can walk to scenic places such as Echo Point or Top Station, view the endangered Nilgiri Tahr during an explorative expedition within Eravikulam National Park or simply take it easy while sipping on freshly brewed tea amidst serene surroundings.


Alleppey and its environs have many options for a memorable weekend getaway. Each of these destinations offers something unique, whether you are attracted by the quiet backwaters or serene beaches or the rich cultural heritage of Kerala’s hill stations, which are full of greenery. If you ever want to enjoy some short leisure time then this is where you need to be irrespective of your preferences- whether you like active excitements or slow relaxation weekends away from urban set up would always rekindle your spirits before another week sets in again. For your next weekend gateway go through these amazing regions and experience what makes Kerala so beautiful naturally with regards to culture heritage.

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