Lanka is also demanding a permanent law for complete loan waiver, increase in milk price, guarantee price for agricultural produce and a dharna movement was held in the city under the leadership of Lanka. Guardian Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe has given the understanding of the protestors and after some period this protest will be held again.

Therefore, NCP state president Jayant Patil demanded the government to take immediate action on this issue. Speaking on this occasion, Jayant Patil said, MP Nilesh Lanka protested in Nagar due to lack of price for onion and milk.

Guardian Minister and Dairy Development Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe. After convincing Lanka, this movement was withdrawn. But the main point is that the production cost of milk has gone up to 40 rupees and the government should make a special law so that there is guaranteed price for milk. Nilesh Lanka is demanding.

It has been decided to import 10,000 tonnes of milk powder and in this regard the Minister of Dairy Development has told the protesters that this decision has been postponed. In order to protect the milk producers and onion producers, the law should fix the base price, if the price goes below that, then there should be a system of compensation from the state government. Jayant Patil said that there is a demand from Lanka.

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