Celebrating the XUV700’s third anniversary, Mahindra is offering the top AX7 range at a discounted price starting from Rs 19.49 lakh, exshowroom. This current discount is available for four months starting from July 10, 2024. Apart from this, the Indian automobile manufacturer has achieved the production of 2 lakh XUV700 units within 3 years. With a price reduction of up to Rs 2.2 lakh, the AX7 starts from 19.49 lakh and the AX7 L at Rs 22.49 lakh, exshowroom. With the new set of revised prices, the AX7 petrol manual 7seater variant is priced at 19.49 lakh, which is Rs 1.9 lakh more affordable. Its automatic counterpart costs Rs 20.99 lakh, saving Rs 2 lakh. The AX7 diesel manual, on the other hand, starts from Rs 19.99 lakh and the automatic at Rs 21.59 lakh with a price difference of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 2.2 lakh respectively. The topofline AX7 diesel AWD is available at Rs 22.8 lakh, a discount of Rs 2.19 lakh.The top variant, the AX7 L variants receives a discount from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. The diesel manual starts from Rs 22.49 lakh, Rs 1.5 lakh rebate, while the petrol is from Rs 23.49 lakh with a Rs 1.9 lakh off. The diesel AWD variant is now available at Rs 24.99 lakh and gets Rs 2 lakh off. Both AX7 and AX7 L models are available in petrol and diesel engines. The petrol version is powered by a 2litre turbo with an output of 197 bhp and 380 Nm. The diesel SUV gets a 2.2litre engine with 182 bhp and 450 Nm. The petrol and the diesel are mated to a 6speed manual or a 6speed automatic torque converter. The allwheeldrive model is only available with a diesel automatic.

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