Dhar. ASI survey is going on in Bhojshala located in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh. Saturday was the 93rd day of ASI survey in Bhojshala. ASI has to survey here for 98 days. During the survey going on in Bhojshala, ASI did excavation on Saturday. In this excavation, black stone statues of Jatadhari Shiv and 7-hooded Vasuki were found. A vase and other remains made of stones were also found. So far, statues are being found in large numbers in the ASI survey of Bhojshala.

So far 33 idols including Mahishasura, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Hanuman, Brahma have been found in the ASI survey going on in Bhojshala. A total of 1800 remains have been obtained by ASI. Remains of ancient temples have been found in Bhojshala earlier also. All these will now be preserved. ASI has to do survey work for 5 more days in Bhojshala. After this, it has to submit its report to the Indore Bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court on 4th July. Hearing will be held in the High Court on that day. The dispute of Bhojshala is very old. To end it, Indore Bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court has taken initiative on the basis of the petition filed.

What Hindus call Bhojshala in Dhar is called Kamal Maula Masjid by the Muslim community. The Hindu side says that Raja Bhoj had built a temple of Maa Saraswati here. The Hindu side claims that the idol of Maa Saraswati is now in a museum in London. The Hindu side says that the Muslims broke the temple of Bhojshala and occupied it and declared it to be a mosque. Even today, as per the rules, Hindus are allowed by the ASI to offer prayers on Tuesdays and Muslims to offer namaz on Fridays in Bhojshala. The special thing is that the government website of Dhar district also states that Bhojshala was earlier a temple of Maa Saraswati. At the same time, the Muslim community, citing the Places of Worship Act, claims that its original form cannot be changed under this law. Now it remains to be seen what decision the Madhya Pradesh High Court gives after the survey report of the ASI. However, it is certain that a long legal battle is going to be fought between the Hindu and Muslim sides in the case of Bhojshala.

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