Travel News Desk,There are many strange places in the world. Some of these places are very mysterious and unique, after knowing about which people do not believe. Many stories to them are popular. Today we are going to tell you about one such place, which is located in Turkey. It is said that this is a temple where people who go there never return. Many people have died mysteriously at this place, due to which no one is allowed to go here.

This mysterious temple is located in the ancient city of Hierapolis in Turkey. There is not much information about this place, but the people living here say that there is a door outside the temple located here, which is actually the door to hell. A person dies as soon as he comes close to it. The most surprising thing is that not only humans but animals also die when they go close to this door.

The door of the mysterious temple is called the door of hell. There is a belief among the people here that in the Greco-Roman period, a person lived in this temple, whose head was cut off. The reason for this has not been known till date and it is still present in this temple. Because of this, he kills the people here. Local people say that Greek gods live in this temple. When he exhales, people standing near the door die. Apart from this, there are many waterfalls here, by taking bath in which a person gets rid of diseases.

Know what scientists say

Apart from the beliefs, scientists have different opinions. They say that beneath this temple, there are many poisonous gases including carbon dioxide, which keep coming out in large quantities.

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