Arson, stone pelting and guns roaring for an hour… ruckus over possession of plot, the full story of Bareilly violence

In Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, today at 6:30 am, a firing took place between the tile trader and the builder party over the possession of the plot. Not only this, apart from firing, arson and stone pelting were also seen here for an hour. The passersby were also scared due to this violence. They somehow saved their lives by hiding behind the trees. The people living nearby even closed the doors of their houses to save their lives. This violence was like a thriller movie. Both the parties kept firing sometimes from the cover of the car and sometimes from the cover of the divider.

This ruckus continued for 1 hour. Even a JCB was set on fire. But the police did not have the courage to stop the violence. They just kept watching the spectacle like a mute and deaf person. During the violence, both the parties also tried to crush each other. The story of violence was created a night before the incident. Renowned criminals from rural areas were called to Izzatnagar on 22 June. There was a chicken and liquor party all night. The next day violence was again perpetrated.

The spark of this violence echoed till Lucknow. After that the government took cognizance of the whole matter. In this case, Bareilly SSP suspended 6 policemen including the station in-charge. Because it was found that they were also involved in the violence. After this, the police took action against the miscreants who committed violence. A miscreant was shot in an encounter with the police in Kalapur canal. The police has arrested a miscreant named Lalit Saxena. More than 12 cases have been registered against the miscreant Lalit Saxena in the past. He is currently undergoing treatment in the district hospital. A total of 11 people from both sides have been arrested in the case.

Know what was the reason for the violence?

In Bareilly's Izzat Nagar police station area, the builder's henchmen opened fire and pelted stones at 6:30 am on Saturday to capture a plot worth crores of rupees on Pilibhit bypass. Not only this, they also broke the marbles kept in the tiles trader's shop. This shop is of a big business. The goons had come here with a JCB to capture the plot. The tiles trader also called his group. People from the other side then set the builder's JCB on fire. Firing and vandalism started from both sides.

100 rounds firing for 1 hour

The firing continued for about 1 hour and 100 rounds were fired. Seeing the violence in the morning, the passersby were able to save their lives with great difficulty and they saved their lives by hiding in the trees. The people living nearby also saved their lives by closing the doors of their houses. The violence took such a terrible form that both the groups tried to crush each other with cars. Some miscreants were injured in this. They are currently undergoing treatment in the hospital. The police have arrested 11 accused from both the sides, including the marble trader and his son. The search for the remaining miscreants is on.

Against whom is the case registered?

The builder who carried out the attack, Rajiv Rana, lives on Pilibhit bypass. He has a big property business. Several cases have been registered against him earlier as well. He is close to former BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra alias Pappu Bharatoul. The police is now finding out his history. At present, he is out of police custody. He is being searched. In this entire case, the names of former BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra and Pappu Bharatoul, who are close to Rajiv Rana, have also been registered in the FIR.

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