Responding to the incident, Kerala health minister Veena George pledged to take action as per the Public Health Protection Act, saying it is a serious matter. “All sources of drinking water in the flat will be inspected. This matter may not have been noticed by the health department as the affected persons sought treatment in different hospitals. That is also being investigated,” she said.This incident serves as a stark reminder of the crucial importance of clean, safe drinking water in our daily lives. While government intervention is vital, individuals can also take proactive steps to safeguard themselves and their families from contaminated water.In light of this, home water filtration systems offer an additional layer of protection, particularly during the summer months when waterborne illnesses are more prevalent. However, with numerous options available, selecting the appropriate solution can be daunting.Ashok, a water and planning consultant at Spacewood in Indore, concurs, stating, “The recent incident in Kochi, where 300 residents fell ill due to contaminated water, highlights the critical need for effective water filtration.”He provides a comprehensive overview of water filtration options, their advantages, and key factors to help homeowners choose the right system for their needs.According to Ashok, these are the best water filtration methods available for you:“It removes a wide range of contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals, and microorganisms,” says Ashok. However, a disadvantage is that it wastes a significant amount of water and requires regular maintenance.In terms of cost and maintenance, it is moderate to high cost initially, and filters need replacement every six to 12 months.Ashok says, “This filtration method is effective at killing bacteria and viruses without adding chemicals, but it does not remove chemical contaminants or particulates.” It has a moderate initial cost and the UV lamps need replacement annually.These are excellent at removing chlorine, pesticides, and VOCs, improving taste and odour. However, they can be less effective against heavy metals and microorganisms. “Their filters need replacement every two-six months, and come with low to moderate initial cost,” Ashok says.Ceramic filters remove bacteria and particulates, and can be cleaned and reused. However, it is not very effective against viruses and chemicals. Their initial cost is low to moderate, and requires periodic cleaning.These are effective at softening water and removing heavy metals. Ion exchange filters are, however, ineffective against microorganisms and some chemicals. Ashok says that you will have to bear a moderate initial cost and the resins need regeneration periodically.According to Ashok, these are the precautions one must take to avoid the consumption of contaminated water this summer:Regular testing: Test water quality periodically to ensure the filtration system is working effectively.Boiling water: As an additional safety measure, boil water before consumption.Backup systems: Consider having a secondary filtration method, such as a gravity-based purifier or portable filters, in case of primary system failure.Proper maintenance: Follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and timely replacement of filters.

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