Live Hindi News :- Papad is the soul of Indian cuisine. Whether it is home or a dhaba or hotel, papad is served with food everywhere. Papad is made from many types of pulses in which asafoetida and black pepper are also added. Most papads are made from moong dal and urad dal.

Along with this, papad is also made by mixing red chilli, spinach, fenugreek. Papad is crispy and very tasty to eat. It should definitely be consumed with food.

1. Papad strengthens the digestive system. Eating papad immediately after a meal helps digest the food easily. Papad improves digestion and helps in digesting food. Eating papad proves to be very beneficial for health.

2. Eating papad proves to be very beneficial in curing the spoiled taste of mouth due to fever.

3. Eating papad daily helps in getting rid of stomach problems.

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