When you join any government scheme, you have to fulfill your eligibility and other things. Only after this, you get the benefit of that scheme. For example, if you want to take advantage of the free ration provided by the government, then you must be eligible and you should also have a ration card. Only then do you get the benefit. Amidst all this, if you are also a ration card holder, then it has become mandatory for you to get e-KYC done. It has been ordered by the department that all ration card holders will have to go to their ration dealer and get e-KYC done. In such a situation, the question is also arising will those who do not get e-KYC done not get the benefit of free ration? Let's try to know the answer to this question. You can know more about this further...

Purpose of getting e-KYC done
Orders have been given by the department to get e-KYC done because ration is being given in the name of many such people in the ration card who are married or who have passed away. The consumer will be forced to remove the name of such members from the ration card and only those who are active members will be given ration after getting their e-KYC done.

This is the last date to get e-KYC done
If you are also a ration card holder, then it becomes important for you to know what is the last date to get e-KYC done. The department has given the target of getting e-KYC done to all ration dealers by 30 June 2024 while distributing ration, that is, you can get e-KYC done only by this date.

Will ration not be available without e-KYC?
This question must be running in the minds of most people will ration not be available now without getting e-KYC done? Will these people be deprived of free ration? So here you should know that if there are a total of five members on your ration card and if the fingerprints of one of the members are not available or they are married or have passed away, then in such a situation the name of that member will be removed from the ration card and ration will be available in the name of the remaining active members.

How can you get e-KYC done?

First of all, know that you do not have to get e-KYC done from anywhere outside nor do you have to pay money to anyone for it, because it is free. For e-KYC, you have to go to your government ration shop from where you get ration. There your e-KYC will be done by taking your fingerprints in the POS machine.


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