Residents in the Norfolk village of Snettisham are at war with a flock of feral chickens, as some locals claim the annoying birds are ripping up their gardens.

At an annual parish assembly held in the local Memorial Hall on Tuesday night, a vote was cast to rehome a portion of these birds instead of leaving them be.

The vote results saw 35 residents in favour of involving charity Fresh Start for Hens to oversee the relocation and care of some chickens, while only six voted for no action.

Among the advocates for removal is retired HR assistant Vanessa Taylor, aged 72, who makes daily trips from Heacham to feed the chickens.

At the meeting, she voiced concerns about harm to the birds stating, "I've seen people kick them, I've seen people drive at them - and I've had people drive at me when I've been feeding them."

She continued: "The only way to deal with this situation is to have them all removed. I will happily help in any way I can."

After the meeting, Mrs Taylor revealed: "I've been called every filthy word you can imagine, I've been told I'm fly-tipping and I should be done."

"I just want to see them looked after properly and re-homed."

Snettisham Parish Council has enlisted the help of Fresh Start for Hens following complaints about the chickens, particularly the disproportionate number of cockerels to hens.

Vicky Sewell, a volunteer with the Watton branch of the charity, confirmed their no-cull policy.

Mrs Sewell reassured: "I can promise you that they would all be re-homed, including the cockerels."

She also revealed that some of the birds were malnourished and suffering from painful conditions such as skin diseases and scaly leg.

It is believed that the chickens originally belonged to an allotment on the woodland adjacent to Common Road before the owner passed away.

However, 86-year-old David Bocking claimed he had known of the birds being on Common Road in some capacity since the aftermath of WWII.

Speaking as a resident rather than a parish councillor, he described the chickens as "part and parcel of living in Snettisham" and expressed his reluctance to see them go.

The parish council will collaborate with Fresh Start for Hens to assist the charity in reducing the size of the flock.

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