Disgraced one-time Masters winner Angel Cabrera is on setting his sights on a return to golf by competiting on PGA Tour Champions circuit. The Argentine was jailed for two years in 2021 after it was found that he had assaulted his former partner, before he was convicted of a second assault in 2022.

The 54-year-old reached a career high of the No. 9 ranking in the world back in 2005 and is a two-time major championships victor, having won the U.S. Open in 2007 before the Masters two years later. After being released from prison in Buenos Aires in August, it was confirmed that he would be eligible to comepte in PGA Tour-sanctioned events.

Previously, the golfer's coach Charlie Epps confirmed that 'The Duck' is taking daily medication in a bid to tackle his addiction to alcohol as part of a treatment programme. He is also taking eductation courses for six hours a week to this end after taking seperate eductational courses while he was incarcerated.

His coach has confirmed that he has asked equipment company Ping to supply Cabrera with some club as he steps up his efforts to compete again. According to ESPN, his client took part in a golf tournament in Rosario, Argentina in December, eventually finishing in 10th place in the standings on that outing.

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Now, Epps has described the reasons behind the delay to the Argentinian's return to the sport, as he confirmed that the veteran was awaiting a visa so he can live and work in the United States - with this now granted. With a permanent move to Houston, Texas in the works, the coach said that Cabrera also had to undertake psychological examinations before he could do so, adding: "That was the delay."

Speaking at the turn of the year, Masters chairman Fred Ridley confirmed that any plans for the Masters winner to return to golf had been held up by the issues Epps referenced. He said: "Angel certainly is one of our great champions. As we all know, he has been unable to participate in the Masters the last couple of years due to legal issues.

"Presently we have been in constant contact with Angel's representatives. He presently is not able to enter the United States. He doesn't have a visa, and I know that that process is being worked through. We certainly wish him the best of luck with that, and we'll definitely welcome him back if he's able to straighten out those legal issues."

Of the golfer's character, the aforementioned Epps claimed that his client is reformed after his stint in jail, saying: "When I talked to him down there, he had really grown up, he understood what life is all about and that he had really made an ass of himself. He's dedicated to golf and he wants to come back. He just needs to get comfortable again playing in competition. I want him to win the U.S. Senior Open."

In an interview with Golf Digest following his release, Cabrera said: "I made serious mistakes. I refused to listen to anyone and did what I wanted, how I wanted and when I wanted. That was wrong. I ask Micaela for forgiveness. I ask Celia for forgiveness. They had the bad luck of being with me when I was at my worst. I wasn't the devil, but I did bad things.

"I am deeply embarrassed because I disappointed the people closest to me - and everyone who loves me through golf. Golf gave me everything, and I know I will never be able to repay the debt I owe this sport, he said, before adding: "Golf is everything to me. It's my life. I have to continue."

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