Lectrix EV has announced a strategic partnership with FYC Tech Pvt Ltd, also known as Jumppers. The former is one of the pioneers in the field of last-mile delivery using an electric vehicle fleet. Under this partnership, Lectrix EV will supply 500 EVs to Jumppers. This will help in a significant expansion of capacity to fulfill the increasing demand for eco-friendly services by expanding their fleet.

Besides providing electric vehicles, Lexctrix EV will also provide Jumppers battery-swapping infrastructure to support their logistics operations. Using the swap network, Jumppers' can improve efficiency and sustainability in their operations. This can be done by using a seamless swap network which eventually eliminates downtime and range anxiety. Furthermore, it will maximise earning potential of the riders.

Pritesh Talwar, President, EV Business, Lectrix EV, said, “Our goal is to electrify transportation in India. Logistics is one of the fastest growing sectors in India and the work that Jumppers is doing aligns with our sustainability goals as well. We are happy to join hands with them and support their efforts to expand their green fleet. This collaboration marks a significant step towards our shared vision of a sustainable future.”

The Lectrix EV exchange network offers numerous benefits for Jumppers, including reduced transaction times, round-the-clock access to energy, and a dense network of exchange stations every 5-10 kilometers, alleviating concerns about range. This leads to increased potential earnings for riders, as there is no need for charging downtime. Moreover, Lectrix EV's battery and energy solutions are competitively priced at just Rs. 1 per kilometer, making them a cost-effective option compared to others.

In addition, Lectrix EV's impact on the environment aligns with Jumppers' sustainability objectives. With an impressive history of traveling a total distance of 22,21,04,383 kilometers and catering to 13,571 users, Lectrix EV has made a substantial contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions. The total amount of CO2 saved is 66,63,132 kilograms, with an average of 491 kilograms per user, further emphasizing Lectrix EV's environmentally friendly principles.

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