New Delhi [India], May 29 (ANI): In the wake of a water shortage amid a scorching heatwave, the Aam Aadmi Party government has issued directions to the Delhi Jal Board to deploy 200 teams across the national capital to take action against wastage of water and impose a fine of Rs 200 against those in violation.
"There is an acute heat wave in Delhi and a shortage of water supply since Haryana is not releasing Delhi's share of water. Under these circumstances conservation of water becomes extremely important," Atishi stated in a letter to DJB.
"However, it has been seen that there is serious wastage of water in many parts of Delhi. There are also illegal connections taken by construction sites and commercial establishments, from water supply meant for domestic use. There is a need to crack down on this misuse of water," the letter added.
Delhi Water Minister Atishi has written to the Delhi Jal Board CEO, directing to immediately deploy 200 teams across Delhi to crackdown on the washing of cars with pipes, overflow of water tanks and use of domestic water supply for construction or commercial purposes.
Atishi directed that teams be deployed from 8 am tomorrow (May 30), impose a fine of Rs 2000 on anyone found wasting water, and disconnect any illegal water connections on construction sites or commercial establishments.
Earlier on Tuesday, the AAP leader accused the Haryana government of not releasing Delhi's water share even after "so many talks" and said that if the water supply does not improve in the coming 1-2 days, then "we will move to Supreme Court also."
The Water Minister also urged the people to use water judiciously or the government will be forced to rationalise the water supply in the national capital. (ANI)

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