Don't take tension, it is 'Gabbar'...this messiah is encouraging the laborers who have given up hope of life.

It has been 10 days since the workers were trapped in the tunnel of Uttarkashi. Every possible effort is being made to rescue the stranded labourers. A good news was received on Tuesday morning and for the first time in 10 days, an attempt was made to talk to the workers through walkie-talkie. For the first time, a video of the laborers trapped inside also surfaced, where all were seen doing well. The machine for vertical drilling has also reached and now tunnel construction work is being done from the other end for rescue. Meanwhile, TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to the family of Gabbar Singh Negi (52) trapped in the tunnel, who are encouraging the people trapped inside. He works here as a supervisor.

Let us tell you that Gabbar Singh Negi's son Akash Singh Negi was there from the very first day. Akash Singh Negi told TV9 Bharatvarsh that he is a resident of Kotdwar. Returned home from Uttarkashi only last Sunday. He was near the tunnel and used to talk to his father daily. Akash told that his father Gabbar Singh said that he is encouraging the people. Telling everyone that there is no need to panic. The company is busy firing all of us. His courage is boosting the courage of other workers present there.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse

Akash Singh Negi told that his father Gabbar Singh told that at present everyone is safe. Food and drinks are also reaching them daily. When Akash was asked why he suddenly returned to Kotdwar from Uttarkashi, he said that I had not taken clothes with me, so I had to come back. I was there from the beginning. My father has been in Uttarkashi for five years.

What did Gabbar Singh's wife say to TV9?

Gabbar Singh Negi's wife while talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh said that my husband has been trapped in the tunnel since the 12th. Has been associated with this company for 23 years. He was trapped once before also, but he never told this to his family. Then they came out in seven days. We were informed about this later through the company. His mother was not told anything about this because she is very old.

Family's appeal, workers should be evacuated soon

Gabbar Singh Negi's wife and two sons have appealed that the government should take out Gabbar Singh safely as soon as possible. The administration also helped Gabar Singh Negi, who was trapped in the tunnel, talk to his brother through walkie talkie. To which he said that everything is fine here. No one should worry. We will all come out soon. I am taking care of all these 40 people and they will come out soon. Tell everyone at home not to worry, see you soon.

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