According to the police, Jagan reached the school around 10.30 am and went to the staff room, looking for a few teachers. The school authorities informed the police when he started to threaten the teachers. Later, he allegedly pulled out the air pistol from a bag and stormed into a classroom, where he fired three times in the air. The police soon reached the school and nabbed Jagan while he tried to escape by jumping over the compound wall.Quoting the youth’s parents, who were summoned, the police said he suffers from mental issues. They said he had studied at the school a few years ago but did not complete the course.“He harboured a grudge towards a few teachers at the school. He fired in the air only to threaten them. The air pistol he used is an easily available and cheapest model. We are questioning him,” said an officer at Thrissur East police station.

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