Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain will be eligible to sign a pre-contract once 2024 arrives, making him a potential free agent with specific demands for his future club. Apart from economic considerations, the 24-year-old has outlined two non-negotiable conditions for Real Madrid, PSG, or any interested club.According to Defensa Central, the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner has communicated two key requests as he contemplates a potential move to the Spanish giants. The first, and perhaps the more unusual of the two, pertains to international duty. Mbappe seeks assurance that he can actively participate in the 2024 Olympic Games held in Paris, a condition that involves the agreement of his future club due to Olympic participation not aligning with recognized FIFA dates.The reasoning behind this demand may be his desire not to miss the chance to compete for a gold medal in his hometown. The second request underscores Mbappe's preference for a thoughtful and unhurried decision-making process, representing a more conventional approach.Expressing his wish to delay the finalisation of his move to Real Madrid until March or April, Mbappe is known for his methodical approach to significant career decisions. Consequently, making a January signing contradicts his preferred modus operandi.Also Read: Lionel Messi's six 2022 World Cup-winning jerseys set for auction; estimated value exceeds $10 million

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