If you are associated with PM Kisan Yojana, then obviously you must have got the benefit of the 15th installment. Actually, through DBT, Rs 2,000 each as installment was sent to the bank accounts of eligible farmers. The benefit of this scheme is given to the needy and poor farmers who are eligible for this scheme. In such a situation, the 15th installment was sent to the bank accounts of eligible farmers on 15 November 2023, but during this time many farmers had not yet received the money for this installment. In such a situation, it is natural to raise the question of why have these farmers not received the installment money till now and whether can they still get the pending installment or not. So let's try to know the answers to these questions.

First, let us know which farmers' installments are stuck:-
Number 1

The farmers whose installments are stuck include those farmers whose bank account information given is wrong. If your bank account number or any other information is incorrect, you may be deprived of the installment.

Number 2
Secondly, those farmers who have been deprived of the benefit of installments, who do not have the e-KYC done, or for some reason their e-KYC became incorrect. Under the rules, it is mandatory to get e-KYC done to avail the benefit of installment.

Number 3
If you have not received the benefit of the installment, it may be that your land verification work is incomplete or it has not been done at all. All the farmers associated with the scheme must get this work done.

Can the 15th installment come into the account now?
If the eligible farmers related to the scheme get the work done as mentioned in the previous slides, that is, they get their installments stuck as soon as possible due to whatever reason, then in such a situation the state government clears your name in the beneficiary list. After this, your name goes ahead and you can get the benefit of the stuck installment from the Centre.

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