Haryana Update: BSNL is a company that helps people to use their phones. They have special offers that make it cheaper for people to recharge their phones. BSNL has different plans for different budgets, so everyone can find a plan that suits them.

If BSNL service is good in your city then you can also use their plan. Today we will tell you about one of their cheap recharge plans. If you use BSNL then you will be happy to hear about it.

BSNL has come up with a very good recharge plan which lasts for 84 days. This plan includes many great features like unlimited calling, fast internet and free text messages.

You also get 2GB data every day. And as a bonus, you can enjoy BSNL tunes and other fun services like mobile games, entertainment and zinc.

BSNL is offering a recharge plan lasting for 3 months for just Rs 599. This is really a good deal as it is cheaper than what other telecom companies are offering.

Through this plan, you can use unlimited data from midnight to 5 am. You also get unlimited voice calling and other good benefits. Other companies charge a lot for such long-term plans

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