What is hidden depression: Depression and anxiety are the fastest growing diseases in the world. There is a lot of awareness about mental illness in developed countries, but in our country many times people hesitate to talk about it. However, in the last few years, depression has become more openly visible among the urban middle and upper class and people now consider it as a common disease and talk about it.

Simple depression is understandable and people seek medical advice and take medications for it, but you may be surprised to know that many people also have hidden depression. In this, the person does not realize that he is depressed, but there are many such habits including fear of being alone, negativity, overthinking, which indicate that he has hidden depression.

social activity: It is said that a depressed person does not like to be too social and sometimes prefers to be alone. But in latent depression, sometimes the opposite happens and the person is afraid of being alone, hence always remains more socially active.

Stress regarding work and studies: In case of a depressed person, people think that he lacks motivation and does not perform very well in office or studies, but sometimes the opposite is true. A depressed person overburdens himself with work and studies and works more than usual to avoid negative thoughts and feelings of depression.


Depression in Creativity: Sometimes people express their depressive feelings through creativity. If someone always draws sad-looking pictures, listens to sad songs or poems, he or she may have latent depression.

Overthinker: This is a common problem that will appear in hidden depression. People suffering from this disease think excessively about everything and this can lead to negativity.

Lack of focus: Another habit that people develop in hidden depression is not being able to concentrate. If you suddenly feel blank or don't feel like completing a task, you may have hidden depression.

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