Though I did not tell the state government or any of its officials that I wanted to resign, during my absence from the country a news website reported that I had informed the government I wanted to resign and I was also informed by several lawyers that this was what was being suggested by the government. As the government did not contradict the report, I thought it proper on my part to forthwith tender my resignation to the honourable Governor.The most challenging part was the sheer volume and the diverse problems that arose in the day-to-day administration of the state on which my advice was sought and also the diverse issues in litigations involving the state.I was aware of the challenges and pressure that one could expect while holding this constitutional post. To my mind, I was clear that I had to seamlessly undertake my duties as the Advocate General and stay true to my role as an officer of the court.My caseload, often with insufficient assistance, was immense. I never shied away from an intensive work schedule. However, considering the criticality of several of the matters, the pressure to ensure the welfare objectives of the state were not adversely affected was considerable, especially on account of the sheer amount of fact-finding I had to undertake.Not always. Of course, there were some lawyers and officials who were diligent, thorough, capable, and dedicated, and would always be there to assist me. In important matters involving crores of rupees, or key matters affecting important state interests, I often found that on several occasions there were no state panel lawyers ready and available to assist me. Even the panel was changed without any consultation with me or taking any inputs or suggestions.It was a challenge to receive instructions on a timely and complete basis, and my office had to follow up multiple times to get information well into the early hours of the morning.The state government faced criticism and was snubbed by the Calcutta High Court in several cases. What was the reason?Cases where this happened would be where directions of the High Court had not been complied with within the time limits prescribed.It cannot be expected that the state government will always follow my advice in all matters. I am a lawyer and my advice will always be as per the law and my opinion will be irrespective of the preferences of the powers that be. Of course, the government may have its priorities – by which they may have to balance political goals. So, on several occasions, my advice, even if sought and given, may not have been followed in totality.Previous Advocate Generals have had, and have cited, different reasons for their resignations. I am not privy to the exact reasons or motivations. For me, the bottom line is that any professional should maintain their dignity and self-respect in the profession. To ensure this, I resigned.No, in fact, I made this clear in the meeting with His Excellency, the Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal last week.I will remember it as one of the highlights of my career but one where I feel a lot more could have been achieved if I had the full support of the state government. I have received overwhelming support from the Bar and the judiciary. I have always sought to uphold the dignity of the institution and tried to ensure that justice is delivered and is accessible to all.

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